HAKIARDHI Advisory Council Profiles as Constituted in 2007



Prof. Bertha Koda: Tanzanian          (Incumbent Chairperson)



  • Professor of Development Studies (University of Dar es Salaam)
  • Member of HAKIARDHI since 1997
  • HAKIARDHI Board Member from 2000 – 2007, and many  Boardies in Tanzani e.g . KIHACHA,
  • Researcher and writter of many articles published in different books and  news letters

Prof. Issa Shivji




  • Professor of Law (University of Dar es Salaam up to 2006) and Advocate of the Higher Court and Court of Appeal of Tanzania.
  • Founding Member of HAKIARDHI
  • Founding Director of HAKIARDHI from 1994-2007
  • Has been the Chairman and Executive Director of HAKIARDHI 1994-2002.
  • Researcher and distinguished writer of arcticles, journals and books which have liberal ideas.
  • The First Professor of Mwalimu Nyerer Professorial Chair in Pan – African Studies

Prof. Sam Moyo




  • Professor of Issues related to Land and Agriculture  University of Zimbabwe till 2000
  • Executive Director of African Institute of Agrarian Studies in Harare Zimbabwe
  • Researcher, writer and editor of many books and arcticles on agricultura, land and environment.
  • Director in different Boards in many Institutes involved in researches in Africa.
  • President of CODESRIA.

Dkt. Telesa Da Silva


  • Senior lecturer of Development Studies in University of Mondlane in Maputo Mozambique
  • Research Fellow in African Research Institute in Mozambique.
  • Researcher, writer of different articles in academic issues.

Demere Kitunga



  • Founding Director of the Publishing Company called E & D located near Book Café in Dar es Salaam.
  • Founding member of TGNP and FemAct.
  • Activist with development politics and gender rights.
  • Writer of books for Children and Development Profession.
  • Writer and Publisher of articles in many books and journals.

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