The Land Rights Research and Resources Institute produces a wide range of publications on land issues most of which are books, newsletters, occassional paper pamphlets and varieties of leaflets, callenders and posters. The publications serve several purposes but more importantly, they are used as tools for arming the public with information on their rights to land. 

With information at their finger tips, the public especially marginalized peasants, pastoralist and other similar groups can effectivelly engage with policy processes to advocate for and seek to protect their rights. We also use publications in training for transformation, public awareness raising, lobbying and advocacy for legislative changes and exhibitions. 

The books are available at our main offices for regular readers, visitors and researchers. But they are also selable at a very subsidised cost for readers who want their personal copies. We cordially invite all of you to visit our offices and access our publications to enhance your understanding of land tenure issues in Tanzania. 

HAKIARDHI publications are available for people who are interested in Land issues especially of marginalised Peasants and Pastoralists. Books and other material are available in the office for reference. Some old and recent publications can be purchased in bookshops


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